CashCalc, the leading provider of cashflow planning software in the UK, is set to develop a close two-way integration with Hubwise, a multi-asset investment platform.

The need to manually re-key information is a longstanding pain point for financial advisers, causing inefficiencies within the financial advice process. However, sending information back and forth between software providers via an integration significantly helps minimise the need to re-key information.

The soon to be developed 2-way integration between CashCalc and Hubwise is therefore part of both companies' shared ambition to help financial advisers improve efficiencies within the workplace, while also providing financial advisers with access to the best of breed software available.

Ray Adams, Chartered Financial Planner and Director of CashCalc, said: “The soon to be developed integration with Hubwise is another step towards ensuring our users have access to all the great tools they wish to use within their financial planning process. It is another ‘exit off the CashCalc roundabout’ which not only helps advisers minimise the need to re-key information and improve efficiencies, but enables them to adopt a best of breed approach regarding which software provider they wish to use during their clients' financial planning journey. The more ‘exits’ we build, the more choice our users have, and we are excited to partner with Hubwise and build a smooth exit of information to and from them.”

Angus Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer of Hubwise, said: “We are proud to be working with CashCalc to address one of the main friction points faced by financial planning businesses. The practice of re-keying client data between the cashflow modelling tool and the investment platform is all too commonplace and places a significant and unnecessary constraint on investment firms. Hubwise and CashCalc share the same vision to use our own technology as an enabler, and through our real-time and bi-directional integration, to continue making life simpler for our customers.”

The 2-way integration between CashCalc and Hubwise is the first step in a close relationship between both companies, with further announcements expected over the coming weeks.

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Last updated: 22nd October 2020

By Benjamin Cresswell

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