Here at CashCalc, we always strive to keep our tools and calculators as relevant and up-to-date as possible.

That's why we are currently developing a brand new standalone tool in anticipation of the FCA's new guidance on TVC (Transfer Value Comparator) and APTA (Appropriate Pension Transfer Analysis.)

New rules, new tools

The new rules will replace the TVAS (Transfer Value Analysis) guidelines in October and come as the FCA begin to look at the growing influence of cash flow planning in pension advice.

And we fully embrace these guidelines and are delighted to see the growth of cashflow planning in the financial planning process. We're sure our forthcoming TVC/ APTA tool will show that too.

We've already been hard at work, alongside financial consultancy and training expert Rory Percival, developing the tool to ensure it is fully compliant and can be used as such by planners from day one.

Rory Percival says, "I am looking forward to working with CashCalc on its TVC/ APTA tool. CashCalc is particularly well-placed to create a user-friendly and client-friendly tool to help advisers meet the forthcoming FCA requirements for DB transfers."

The TVC/ APTA tool will be a standalone module, meaning that planners who use other providers' cash flow planning software can also take advantage of it. It'll also come at a very affordable price.

Working with other providers

As part of the development, we'll be looking at putting in place the facility allow users of other software the ability to sync their CashCalc data with their own tools.

Ray Adams, CashCalc Director and Chartered Financial Planner reveals, "A key element of this will be that it is available to all planners, no matter who they choose as their cashflow planning software provider."

"I fully believe that it's the responsibility of software providers to make information available to each other if it's in the interests of our users and their clients," Ray concludes.

But not only will the TVC/ APTA tool help you continue to meet your clients' needs, it will be fully-compliant and help you to achieve the core aims of the TVC/ APTA regulations.

We're sure you'll appreciate what we anticipate to be a ground-breaking addition to CashCalc, and while the tool is still in its early days, we'll be sure to keep you fully updated with future developments.

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