Since joining the FE fundinfo family only a few weeks ago, we’ve already launched some brand-new features as well as started work on some exciting new developments – all designed to help you and your entire financial planning process. Here’s a summary of what happened last month.

Integration with FE fundinfo (Stage 1)

The first stage of the integration between CashCalc and FE fundinfo is complete and ready for you to use. From today, if you use both CashCalc and FE Analytics, you’ll be able to navigate from your CashCalc account to your FE Analytics account via a ‘quick access’ button, and vice versa. 

This small but handy addition is designed to save you time and we’ll soon be introducing single sign-on (SSO), meaning you’ll be able to access FE Analytics from your CashCalc account without the need to input your login details. 

We’ve also expanded the range of historic funds/benchmarks you can use when applying a variable projection within the Cashflow Modeller. Currently, you have access to the ‘Mixed Benchmark (Cautious, Balanced & Adventurous) sector averages, as well as the variable growth templates you’ve created. 

However, anyone using CashCalc now has access to a wide variety of historic funds/benchmarks which include FE Investments Hybrid, Mosaic, Active and Responsibly-managed models. This feature will soon be enhanced, meaning if you create your own bespoke portfolios within FE Analytics, you’ll soon be able to pull them directly into your CashCalc account – eliminating the need to manually re-key any information. 

An improvement to the way you view and apply a variable growth projection within the Cashflow Modeller has also been made. Whereas before you simply selected your choice from a dropdown, you’ll now be able to choose ‘favourites’ and stack the order of the dropdown based on your preferred historic funds/benchmarks. 

Improvements to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) feature

As part of your ongoing AML obligations, you are required to monitor the HMT Financial Sanctions List to ensure none of your clients appear on the list. However, to help solve this particular pain point (and to eliminate the need for you to manually browse thousands of entries), we now automatically check the Sanctions List on your behalf

We check for individuals or entities matching your clients’ details and display the results within the AML section of the Client Dashboard. We also check the list as soon as you add a new client, and we will notify you if we find a match on HMT Financial Sanctions List. 

We’ve also improved the AML feature itself with a brand-new comments section. This means, once you’ve conducted a fully enhanced AML check via our integration with identity verification system, Credas, you can now add comments to the report which is produced. 

This is particularly useful if, for example, your client is flagged as a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) – the comments section enables you to clarify the situation if appropriate and eliminates the need for you to conduct another AML check. 

Updates to your Portal registration page

Your bespoke Portal registration and login page now has your white-labelled ‘What is a secure Portal’ video embedded onto the page. This means any client you invite to create a secure Portal has the option to watch the educational video and find out how it will benefit their financial planning journey.

You can also now copy and share a link to any of the white-labelled videos which are available to you. This means you can post the video on social media or even link to it from within a blog post, as well as embed the video on your company website. 

These additions follow an announcement made earlier this month, which informed all 3,500+ branded accounts that their white-labelled video had been produced and made available. If you’ve yet to brand your CashCalc account and would like to find out how, please click here.

Please send us your feedback

These latest additions are just a few of the many improvements we have recently made and designed to help all of our account holders. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please get in touch – we’d be happy to chat. 

Last updated: 13th July 2021

By Joseph Williams

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