Designed by planners, for planners.

Our mission is to make the financial planning process simpler, more visual and more productive with incredibly powerful and intuitive tools.

Your own financial planning toolkit

CashCalc gives you a suite of tools & calculators covering all aspects of financial planning. Each one gives you a concise report at the end which, as well as being a perfect compliance document, can be handed to your client as part of your pack.

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Perfect for live client demos

CashCalc has been designed with client collaboration in mind. The tools have been built so you can easily demonstrate plans to your clients and tweak their plans effortlessly.

Stress testing and what-if scenarios made easy

CashCalc is perfect for showing what-if scenarios. With our built-in stress tests and market events, you can show the effect of a market downturn on your client's portfolio in just a few clicks.

Client collaboration through a secure Client Portal

Send your client a secure link to a secure Client Portal, where they can access their own digital Fact Find, share secure documents and more.

Your clients can then fill in their Fact Find in their own time, even before your first meeting with them, giving you accurate information and helping your clients feel more engaged in their planning process.

You'll get immediately notified upon completion, and can push the data directly into any of the relevant tools and calculators on CashCalc, or, straight into an integrated back-office.


Designed around you and your clients

We believe cashflow planning shouldn't involve devoting your time to training sessions (although we do provide those too). After all, you've already gained the necessary qualifications to advise your clients.

We've tried to build CashCalc to be an extension of how you think as an adviser. Everything should work exactly how you expect it to.

The same applies to your clients. We've designed the on-screen visuals and reports so that your clients just "get-it".


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What other advisers have been saying

I moved over to CashCalc from a competitor about 6 months ago and the interaction with clients has been transformed since then.
- Gordon Craig | Asset Management Financial Advisers Ltd
The ease of use of the software is brilliant and the benefits for our clients of "seeing" their finances is invaluable.
- Stuart Bailey | Wealth Help Ltd
CashCalc is exactly what a cashflow forecasting tool should be.
- Terry Larkin | Cranwell James Financial Planning
As a means of showing a client a general sense of direction and what to do about it; perfect.
- Aidan Bailey | The Fry Group Ltd
CashCalc is simple to use, but amazingly powerful when used with clients.
- Anthony Villis | First Wealth Ltd
A versatile suite of tools made simple and cost effective but very effective for client discussion and planning.
- Graeme Ferguson | Ferguson Wealth Management Ltd
CashCalc is our "go-to" lifetime cashflow forecasting solution because the simplicity leads to clients really trusting the inputs and therefore the outputs.
- Andrew Reeves | The Investment Coach Limited
The CashCalc Premium service offers a perfect balance of accurate, meaningful reports, whilst being straightforward and intuitive to use. Love it!
- Gareth Chalk | Blackstone Partners

No tie-ins or hidden fees

It can be tough integrating new software into your company workflow, so we've tried to make CashCalc completely risk-free for you.

Your 28-day trial is obligation-free, we don't even ask for any bank details until you decide to upgrade.

If you upgrade and at any point you feel you aren't getting value for money, you can simply cancel your Direct Debit with no questions asked.