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Getting Started
Using the basics of CashCalc. From setting up your account to adding additional logins, master CashCalc starting from the basics
Cashflow & Onboarding
Everything you need to know about the Cashflow & Onboarding module. Beginner and advanced tips and how-to's - everything is covered in this guide
Every question you have about how to upgrade answered. Explaining creating an account, the 28 day free trial and bespoke branding
Investment & Other Calculators
Learn the specifics of the Investment & Other Calculators module on CashCalc.
Pension calculators
Learn the specifics of our Pension Calculators module available on CashCalc.
Inheritance Tax Planner
Learn the specifics of the Inheritance Tax Planner.
Other calculators
Learn the specific of our other calculators.
Client profile
Learn how to utilise the Client Profile to keep up to date and relevant information
Your account
Learn how to use / modify your account to suit your Financial Planning needs
Learn the specifics of the Transfer Value Comparator (TVC) and Appropriate Pension Transfer Analysis (APTA)
CashCalc has a range of 1 and 2-way integrations to help you streamline your processes. Begin transferring client data with ease, today
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