Cashflow & Onboarding
Advanced Cashflow Modelling
How can I change the starting age of a forecast I'm working on?
When creating a forecast for two clients i.e. a husband and wife, whose age do I use when adding incomes or expenses?
Should the figures I enter be input as net or gross?
Why does the yearly breakdown show a different output for a pension than my client's pension illustration?
Why does the income or expense I added start at a value less than the one I entered?
Why does a savings withdrawal I entered stop at an age earlier than the one I chose?
How does the modeller calculate tax on pension withdrawals?
How can I set a withdrawal from a pension or investment to increase each year?
Why do the pension or investment withdrawals I enter stop too early?
Why does the client's current account have an overdraft, even though there is an income surplus?
How can I show the outputs in real terms, instead of today's terms?
Should my client's pension income be input as an income or as a withdrawal?
Using Charges & Fees
Adding an annuity purchase
How do I move money between Savings Pots? i.e. from a GIA to an ISA
How do Contributions, Withdrawals, and the Current account work?
How does the modeller deal with surplus income over expenditure?
Does the modeller take into account unforeseen or one-off market events?
How do I edit my contributions and withdrawals?
Create Bespoke Templates
Which asset allocations can I use in the Monte Carlo?
Why do Monte Carlo simulations change?
How do I access Monte Carlo simulations in the Cashflow Modeller?
Cashflow & Onboarding