What is cashflow planning?

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Cashflow planning is the process of looking at your client's current financial situation, and planning ahead for the future. To view your white-labelled version of this client facing educational video, which can be embedded on your company website, please visit: https://cashcalc.co.uk/myaccount/videos

Thank you for arranging this for us, very helpful! We have been looking to put some similar videos together ourselves, but have never come across someone that could create them to the same quality. - Aventur Wealth

Very impressed with this and pleased that you are willing to brand it for us. We’ll hopefully have this on the website in a week or two. - E G Murray Financial Planning

Fantastic. Looks great. - Stonewater Wealth Management

This is excellent and looks great - a perfect reason to drop an email to clients promoting the service and showing the added value. Well done and thanks! - Model Wealth Management

That’s a nice, simple and clean video. - ValidPath

Very impressive! - GO IFA

The video looks great and we are very impressed with your services and support. - BlackBear Financial Group

Perfect - yet another added value piece from you guys! Well done indeed! - Richmonde Laine Wealth Management

This is really fantastic! - Mearns & Company

I’ve shared it with two people in the office this morning and have already received feedback of “Awesome” and “Fantastic” so it’s a real winner! - Windsor House Wealth Management

Duration: 00:58
Published on: 3rd August 2018