Integrations Suite

From your chosen back-office to your favourite client onboarding system, eliminate the need to manually re-key data by making your processes simple, straightforward and seamless.

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CashCalc launch Open API: Our Open API is now live! This means that it's even easier for your favourite software providers to integrate with CashCalc. If you would like to see an integration with a provider, please let them or us know. Find out more.
With CashCalc it’s easy to set up one or two-way integrations and we will guide you through the entire process.
Connect your accounts and begin importing and exporting data with your favourite platform, risk profiler, CRM, back-office or client onboarding system today, and start transferring data across multiple locations with ease.

Client Onboarding



Our 2-way integration allows you to sync data gathered during the client onboarding process across your Advicefront and CashCalc accounts. Read more

CashCalc - Data Capture

Get all the client data you need by using our Data Capture Forms. You can send them directly to your client or fill them out yourself. Read more

Back Office / Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office

Our 2-way integration allows you to import data from IO or use our Data Capture Forms, and then export data to create a client within IO. Read more
Plum Software

Plum Software

Import data directly from your Plum Software Back Office into your CashCalc account, eliminating the time-consuming task of re-keying data. Read more
Creative Technologies - Enable

Creative Technologies - Enable

Make data transfer a seamless process, without having to re-key data. Users can push info directly from Enable into the CashCalc tools. Read more




Utilise your info and client data from within your Transact account to populate CashCalc’s flagship tool: the Cashflow Modeller. Read more

Defined Benefit Triage


Money Alive

The Money Alive triage service provides an engaging and informative resource bank of generic triage material for use with your clients prior to the advice stage, produced with a CII accredited trainer.

Expert Pensions

Triage is an educational process that provides generic balanced information on the advantages and disadvantages of a pension transfer for existing and potential clients with DB pensions.

Attitude to Risk Profiling

Coming soon!
CashCalc Open API
We are pleased to announce that our Open API is now live!
This means that it is even easier for your favourite software providers to set up integrations with CashCalc, which will ultimately benefit both you and your client.
So, if you would like to see any integrations built, please let them or us know.
Click here to find out more.